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Domain Name Parking
Some of us in the web tecnologies industry were watching domain names get registered so fast that we had to grab a few ourselves for projects we anticipate doing farther down the road. Some of my names protect other names just by holding onto them so that someone else won't register them and dilute my brand with a similar name. Obviously, these names should be working for me if I am going to hold onto them. This is what domain name parking is all about, you park your unused domain(s) at a PPC Parking partner for PPC advertising income. Your PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising partner will then host your domain and show sponsored listings. Each time a visitor clicks on a sponsored ad or listing, your PPC partner will credit your account with a share of the revenue that the advertiser paid for the delivery of a human user to his site.

Sounds like a pretty nifty idea, doesn't it? It is. The advertiser is setting up his own ad, just the way he/she/it wants. The advertiser then bids on how much each click is worth to his business. As the traffic is targetted by the ad and the user is Or possibly the advertiser is having a professional PPC advertiser do all of this for them (professionals sometimes generate some better results with marketing tricks). In any case, the advertiser wins because the business is rewarded with a new potential customer that is interested in the product, service or information targetted by the ad. The PPC advertiser wins because it was able to charge for the success of the ad. And the owner of the domain used to publish the advertisement also wins with a share of the advertising revenue.

Before you rush out and start registering names to start producing recurring Parking PPC income revenue streams, you should really be familiar with this industry. Remember that in order for the advertisement on your domain's PPC listings to have been shown to the web surfer, he had to land there, first. Picking out domain names can be both a science and an art. Some domainers never register new names and only buy great existing domain names that already have value. Sometimes they use them for PPC or just flip them to double their money (or better).

If you are new to domain names, or simply thinking about joining this industry, perhaps you should read this entire website, before jumping into the domain name game. Certainly, you need to read the Domain Name Choice page and all of the Domain Name Game section before running out and buying domains. You need to choose the right names that will allow you to succeed. I will also recomend that you keep up-to-date with domain news at and participate in domain name discussion forums such as the one I run at Domainers.Name.

If you already have your domain name(s), in order to start parking them, you will need to choose a domain Parking PPC partner who will provide the ads that your name will display. Many such domain name parking PPC ad partners are listed throughout this site, and we also offer reviews of some of the top services. Each partner will have its own strengths and weaknesses. To take advantage of the strengths of certain parking services that target a particular market well, you may well sign-up to partner with more than a few such services.

Here is a list of some of the Parking PPC services we use and recommend:

See the Parking Services page for more information about these companies as well as reviews on their services.

After signing-up with a domain Parking PPC listing partner there really isn't much to setup a domain for Parking PPC ad listings. You have to submit each domain name that you want them to use. Upon approval of your name(s), you simply set the Domain Name Servers to reflect the Name Servers required by your PPC providing partner. Remember to do this for each and every domain that your Parking PPC partner has approved and will be allowed to publish PPC advertising on. Your domain name will display your partner's PPC ad listings as soon as your domain's new name servers propogate throughout the Internet.

Optionally, you can do more to maximize your earning potential, which is what this site is all about. Please feel free to browse the site for information, tips, tools and resources to make your Parking PPC experience a great and lucrative one.


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