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But I do apologize for the mess. It's kind of embarrassing when a web designer can't fix-up his own site, but I have commitments and obligations to meet.

This site is intended as a resource for those who do, or wish to, earn a residual income by displaying Pay-Per-Click ("PPC") advertisements. Users of this site are commonly webmasters, web designers, site developers, search engine optimizers and domainers (domain name speculators) whom may have aquired a growing domain name portfolio in an attempt to save some good domain names for themselves. Yet, there is no reason that even the average person can't supplement his or her own personal income with residual revenue supplied through domain name Parking PPC advertising programs. Some people even do this for a living!

PPC Advertising
Most of us are familiar with PPC services such as Overture, Yahoo's sponsored listings, Google's sponsored listings and Adwords. These employ the PPC model originally pioneered by Overture where you pay for each visitor that you receive from your advertisement. Essentially, advertisers are establishing their own listings and bidding on how much they will pay per each click from a human visitor that is delivered to their website. This allowed the advertiser to bid on the targetted traffic they required.

PPC Income
The PPC advertising market expanded when Google launched AdSense. Suddenly, Google would share the advertising revenue that was paid per each click (by the bidding advertiser) with the hosting partner that was displaying these Google PPC advertisements on his or her own site. Now the average webmaster could post related Google advertising on his or her own site. This allowed webmasters the ability to actually make money from PPC advertising by displaying Google or other advertising links.

This new ability to show ads that generate PPC income to the publishing host was all well and good, but the problem with advertising related services on your own website is that these ads are in direct competition with your own services and or products. For some sites this is perfectly accebtable, for other websites displaying related advertising campaigns will never fly.

However, there are ways to earn a residual income with PPC revenue without advertising competing products and services. One is to setup filters for the advertising you display with your PPC Ad partner(s) so that you avoid showing PPC advertisements that compete directly with your own. Hopefully, these tools will advance in the future so that we can only show ads that complement our own. But one of the best ways to avoid this altogether is by parking a domain name for PPC earnings.

Parking PPC
One way to avoid losing your website's traffic to similar or competitive content PPC advertisement listings is simply to not allow such ads on your site. But since the PPC revenue is there, why not take advantage of it? This is actually one of the very simplest tasks in establishing a recurring revenue base, to dedicate a domain name that will only show PPC advertisement listings. This is called parking a domain name for PPC earnings, or "parking for PPC". In this case, we want to have a good domain name, as all traffic and listed advertisements will be cued by the domain name that we use. So we look for a domain name that is built using commonly searched words or phrases.

There are all kinds of different types of domain names that you can chose from to use for PPC income. You can register a new name, snap-up a deleting name that has traffic, or buy a promising aftermarket domain. You can use generic keywords to build a keyword domain that targets a specific industry, product, service or trend. You might be lucky enough to find a 'Type-In' domain name which people actually type directly into their browser's address bar. Or it is possible that you might find one of those unique brand name domains which command attention. Whichever names that you wind-up with, remember that your domain is your brand, whether it is a keyword rich domain name or a cleverly made-up brand name. Even if you have a domain which is built using generic search terms (keywords), essentially it is the brand with which people will find your Parking PPC listings. Don't just settle for anything. To read more about selecting domain names, visit the pages in the Domain Game section. For some good basic advice on selecting a domain name, check out the Choosing Domain Names page.

Once you have your selected domain name(s), you simply choose a domain Parking PPC partner who will provide the ads that your name will display. Many such domain name parking PPC ad partners are listed throughout this site, and we also offer reviews of some of the top services. Each partner will have its own strengths and weaknesses. To take advantage of the strengths of certain parking services that target a particular market well, you may well sign-up to partner with more than a few such services.

Here is a list of some of the Parking PPC services we use and recommend:

See the Parking Services page for more information about these companies as well as reviews on their services.

After signing-up with a domain Parking PPC listing partner there really isn't much to setup a domain for Parking PPC ad listings. You have to submit each domain name that you want them to use. Upon approval of your name(s), you simply set the Domain Name Servers to reflect the Name Servers required by your PPC providing partner. Remember to do this for each and every domain that your Parking PPC partner has approved to allow to publish PPC advertising on. Your domain name will display your partner's PPC ad listings as soon as your domain's new name servers propogate throughout the Internet.

Optionally, you can do more to maximize your domain name earning potential, which is what this site is all about. Our Parking PPC page will offer you more insight into this very subject, as this home page is simply meant to serve as an introduction into the concept of making a residual income with Parking PPC earnings. Please feel free to browse the site for information, tips, tools and resources to make your Parking PPC experience a great and lucrative one.


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