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This site is intended as a resource for those who do, or wish to, earn a residual income by displaying Pay-Per-Click ("PPC") advertisements. Users of this site are commonly web designers, site developers, and domainers (domain name speculators) whom may have aquired a large domain name portfolio. But there is no reason that the average person can't supplement his or her own personal income with residual revenue supplied through domain name Parking PPC advertising programs.

PPC Advertising
Most of us are familiar with PPC services such as Overture, Yahoo's sponsored listings, Google's sponsored listings and Adwords. These employ the PPC model originally pioneered by Overture where you pay for each visitor that you receive from your advertisement. Essentially, advertisers are establishing their own listings and bidding on how much they will pay per each click from a human visitor that is delivered to their website.

PPC Income
The PPC advertising market expanded when Google launched AdSense. Suddenly Google would share the advertising revenue that was paid per each click with the hosting partner who was displaying these Google advertisements on his or her own site. Now the average webmaster could post related Google advertising on his or her own site. This allowed webmasters the ability to actually make money from PPC advertising by displaying Google or other advertising links. This is all well and good, but the problem with advertising related services on your own website is that these ads are in direct competition with your own services and or products. For some sites this is perfectly accebtable, for other websites displaying related advertising campaigns will never fly.

However, there are ways to earn a residual income with PPC revenue without advertising competing products and services. One is to setup filters for the advertising you display with your PPC Ad partner(s) so that you avoid showing PPC advertisements that compete directly with your own. Hopefully, these tools will advance in the future so that we can only show ads that compliment our own. But one of the best ways to avoid this altogether is by parking a domain name for PPC earnings.

So why, you ask, would anyone want to operate a site that shows PPC advertising? For several reasons, actually. The main being that since they are hosting the site directly (as well as absorbing the web hosting costs), they have total control over what is presented.

Website PPC Advertising
Despite what the Google TOS says, many people are creating content that is rich with keyword phrases (generic search terms and search phrases) in order to attract traffic that will show Google and other PPC advertising. There is just no way around it, either a website is setup to convert visitors into customers, or it is setup specifically to pass traffic, or it is completely informational with asolutely no affiliate links or PPC ads what-so-ever. Put if any site is publishing any advertising, it has to be done so by design.

On top of this, following the Google TOS to the letter would actually allow for a particularly spammy website, with all of the advertising that it would actually allow on each page.

Don't get me wrong, website based PPC advertising is not such a bad thing. But with total control over your content (except for the actual PPC advertising listings that you will be publishing), in order to cover this type of PPC advertising, we would need to cover positive impact logo conceptualization and creation, complete website design and presentation theory and at least touch on web application script installation and configuration, just to cover the basics. After these topics, there are also concerns about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Ranking Placement (SERP). Each of these topics would require their own book or website, as each topic is highly involved.

If you do understand the above subjects, it could be that you might benefit from doing website based PPC advertising as opposed to domain name Parking PPC advertizing. However, if you are like myself, you may well already have too many domain names in your portfolio, and designing an individual website for even a few at a time just isn't feasible.

However, there are some basic benefits of building a website that shows PPC advertising that should be considered. In the case of this website, I have opted for this method of monetizing the Parking PPC domain. Please note, however, that in the hopes of not simply creating an additional revenue stream, I do genuinely hope to help at least a few people. I also hope that they will, in turn, help me by using my affiliate links. Since it costs them nothing (ever) to use these affiliation links, it turns into a symbiotic relationship where my helping someone else actually helps me out in return. This is, afterall, how it was intended to work from the beginning.

One of the biggest advantages to publishing your own website with which to show PPC ads is that now you can use your own logo. If you are a graphic designer or simply like to create logos, this is a wonderful opportunity to show your stuff. A unique logo that gives a positive impression dresses-up any website and gives it a better rep and boosts the visitor's confidence factor. However, also note that there are such things as negative impression logos. So if you do design your own logo, please make sure that you do it right. The consequences can be disasterous.

Control of the design is also a big plus for some, and perhaps a big minus for others. Although some stark websites do well, these usually employ a unique design touch. With Google, it's in the logo and it's innovative approach to presenting the material required.

Control of the content has to be a big deal for many, while those that are not good writers may decide to use RSS feeds that are duplicated throughout the web. Using RRSS and/or XML content feeds could well be a large mistake, since the search engines (SEs) that deliver traffic are looking for unique content. RSS/XML feeds are good if they are used to enhance content with up-to-date materials such as news feeds, but no site should rely entirely on RSS/XML feeds for its primary content or it will shoot itself in the foot.

Having control of the hosting platform is a real big deal. Some Parking PPC partners really aren't on the best servers and take well too long to deliver the content for a domain name, or are sporatic and require constant checking just to make sure the names parked there are functioning properly. If you are a host, a hosting reseller, a web design professional, a developer or an SEO, you probably have a better solution than what some of the Parking PPC partners will provide. This is a very important because the speed at which a website is crawled is very important to a search engine as far as ranking.

Aside from hosting, there are lots of other factors that go into how well a domain name will rank in the search engine listings. One of the biggest is that the search engines just don't like to rank domains parked for PPC listings well. This seems appropriate since usually these sites contain very little, if any, actual content other than PPC ad listings. So, if you do estabish a website based site, by providing real and original content, you are not simply passing traffic.

The negative of website PPC is that a such a site takes quite a while to develop with all that free reign and control over everything. So far, this site has taken a week to get together in my spare time, and I have only done a few pages of content, so far. While with the alternative, domain name parking with a PPC partner, all you have to do to get a site up and running is add the domain to your PPC partner's account and set the name servers. So often, you may even use PPC Parking until you have finished designing the site, to keep the name active.


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