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Once you have your selected domain name(s), you simply choose a domain Parking PPC partner who will provide the ads that your name will display. Many such domain name parking PPC ad partners are listed throughout this site, and we also offer reviews of some of the top services. Each partner will have its own strengths and weaknesses. To take advantage of the strengths of certain parking services that target a particular market well, you may well sign-up to partner with more than a few such services.

Here is a list of some of the Parking PPC services we use and recommend:

Who is best? Each PPC partner's service has its own strengths and weaknesses. Some are better for certain types of names, while another may be best suited for others. For now, here is the overview:

Cost = Free
Requirement = 100+ Strong Generic Keyword Domain Names

Fabulous is considered to be the king of all parking programs. I have just started there, but Fabulous is now monetizing Domains that had never had a click before. The Fabulous 5.0 parking program has been released which allows some category and keyword/related customization for non-adult and non-poker/gambling domains.

Fabulous pays out the best for poker/blackjack/roulette/gambling names anywhere in the industry and knows how to monetize such domains.

Fabulous is looking secifically for Type-In domains and generic search keyword phrases and does not like traffic from link farms, forums, etc.

You need to have at least 100 strong Type-In or keyword search domains accepted into the program inorder to join-up.

Fabulous also offers a great $6.75 wholesale domains registrations to its parking partners. This is for dot com, dot net and dot org, only, though. And it is only for the member, not for the member to resell registrations.

Fabulous has excellent domain name keyword optimization.

There really is no better program than Fabulous'. It not only offers premium parking, but Roar and Dark Blue parking programs, as well. Domains that do not fit in the premium parking program may do OK in one of these programs, but require more attention and optimization. Usually though, if a name is not in Fabulous' premium parking, the name may do better somewhere else.

Link: Fabulous

Cost = Free

GoldKey offers great configurability, not only allowing for lots of header banner graphics and custom theme color choices, but also for domain and title customization. For instance, you can use Apache instead of - which allows your keywords to stand-out.

There are many other such customizeable features, as well. I will try to list them all...

There is actually a nice sized text area to enter a description for the domain name. This is a great feature to allow the search engine spiders to pick-up other important keywords. I usually try and use words that I find within the actual page, so that they are relevant.

GoldKey also allows you to add a slogon so you can come-up with a few more relevant keywords or repeat important ones. This will show underneath the title domain name, on the page layout.

One of the neatest features is that it offers a reciprocal links directory. I use this to effectively promote my own websites. I also might interlink parked domains that are related, such as and Additionally, when presenting the reciprocal link code desired (the link back to the parked domain), the linking partner is shown the description which was previously used for the description meta tag. This allows propogation of the advertisement for the domain.

You can list your domain for sale, but I don't like the large, bold "DOMAIN FOR SALE" in all caps in the upper right-hand corner of every web page.

GoldKey even offers a small text area for note-taking, such as how much you might want before considering an offer on it. However, instead of using this small line of text for notes, since I almost never post a GoldKey parked name for sale, I usually use the message content area of the For Sale page text box for my notes.

There is also a special page where a visitor can contact the owner of a domain. This doesn't necessarily have to be for domain sale information, but it does help in that area, as well.

GoldKey is owned by Yahoo and shows Overture PPC Listings. This actually allows you quite a long list of sponsored text ads for most names. However, since Yahoo doesn't like webpages that simply pass traffic, it doesn't appear to send you any extra traffic even if you are showing Yahoo opperated PPC listings. Bummer.

Once your domain is accepted into the system, GoldKey will select a set of listings for you built on the strength of the actual name you are parking. Sometimes it accomplishes what it should, well. But sometimes you will wonder why it selected the listings it did. I actually try to let the system choose the listings based on the name so that GoldKey's optimization services will kick in. But for those cases when it just doesn't get a name, GoldKey also provides the ability to over-ride keywords with choices of your own. You should, however, pay attention to your keyword phrase choices in GoldKey.

When selecting the keyword phrase that you are looking for using the keyword suggestion tool, try lots of different phrases. If you have a couple of domains that are nearly the same, such as and (purchased to protect the name), be creative in your keyword selection. For instance, you might use one keyword phrase that produces one set of listings for one domain, and another keyword phrase that produces a different, but complimentary set of listings for the other domain. This will allow you to link the two using the reciprocal links feature.

GoldKey stats are supposed to be updated in real time, but are not.

GoldKey sometimes has a problem with new domains, check the listings after parking them and making sure they look good. Go back once in a while, too. You may have to move some names to other systems, GoldKey seems to have problems with some names no matter what. Even some names that were performing so very well for me will suddenly stop showing any kinds of adds at all (not a single one).

Other domains might not show the right listings that it is supposed to. In this case, GoldKey seems to think it knows better what to even though your keyword override has been approved, so that the only real thing you can do is move the name it is having trouble with to another parking PPC partner.

GoldKey claims to pay the most on clicks, but doesn't. It's good at monetizing the traffic for certain types of domain names, though. But it is also the very worst at monetizing poker and gambling traffic. It also doesn't do well with adult industry names at all (hardcore, XXX, gay and fetish names). But it does seem to do well with some soft porn names.

For some reason, even though I have had several other domainers thank me for introducing them to the GoldKey parking service, GoldKey's 2nd tier revenue system (for signing-up others with your promotion code link) has NEVER worked. Don't ever count on it working, either. This sucks big time because I know that I have signed-up quite a few others. And here I am promoting them again and that dang code will never work. That's actually quite a pathetic system, that's what that is.

Link: GoldKey

Cost = Free

NameDrive does well with many names that aren't getting international traffic.

You do not have to list your Domain for sale at NameDrive, even if it is. This is good because it creates click confidence and more visitors will use the site (click on the PPC Ads).

NameDrive seems to monetize adult, poker, blackjack and gambling names well.

NameDrive seems to have a decent or better click through rate than some other PPC programs.

NameDrive allows lots of categories, a keyword and has many custom headers to chose from.

Link: NameDrive

Cost = Free

DomainHop is actually quite spammy. It has pop-ups like crazy. There is probably a secret way of getting rid of these pop-ups, but it doesn't work for anyone I know.

DomainHop can monetize some names well, though. I keep a couple parked there. DomainHop is owned by Kanoodle and has high ad percentage revenue share rates.

Domain Hop will even pay for domains with no clicks, but high traffic. You can earn 4 cents a day if you have at least 4 visitors a day on a domain, even when no one clicks on anything. This allows high traffic names that get no clicks a way to pay for themelves.

Link: DomainHop

Cost = Free

Sedo allows you to list your domain for sale and is the largest aftermarket domain name sales house in the world.

Sedo will always list your domain for sale if it is listed as such in its records. Since domains that are listed for sale on the landing page usually don't produce good PPC revenue, this can be a negative, unless you are more interested in selling the domain name.

As far as parking goes, Sedo can monetize international traffic better than most, as it has offices in Germany, England and the USA (and advertisers from these and opther countries, as well).

Sedo monetizes poker and gambling domain names well, though the payout for each click is smaller than other services that monetize poker and gambling names well.

Sedo also displays listings that are usually more appropriate than some other services.

Sedo uses Google as its parking partner, so it is probably showing an advanced set of Google Adwords listings not accessible by someone with lower traffic numbers.

Sedo now offers a new program called SedoPro. You need a large number of domains to get into this program, but early reports are that revenue generated from this parking program is approximately 40% better than the regular Sedo parking program.

Link: Sedo

There are others as well...

  • Domain Sponsor is supposed to have great optimization and be great for banking/insurance/stocks type names.
  • TrafficZ is popular, but has lots of poorly designed, really annoying, pop-ups.
  • Dotzup is new.
  • SmartName is interesting.

NEVER click on any of the PPC listings shown on any of your own Domains. This can get you cicked-out of the program. Visit the pages and check-out the categories to make sure they are appropriate, but leave the PPC ads alone.

After signing-up with a domain Parking PPC listing partner there really isn't much to setup a domain for Parking PPC ad listings. You have to submit each domain name that you want them to use. Upon approval of your name(s), you simply set the Domain Name Servers to reflect the Name Servers required by your PPC providing partner. Remember to do this for each and every domain that your Parking PPC partner has approved and will be allowed to publish PPC advertising on. Your domain name will display your partner's PPC ad listings as soon as your domain's new name servers propogate throughout the Internet.

Optionally, you can do more to maximize your earning potential, which is what this site is all about. Please feel free to browse the site for information, tips, tools and resources to make your Parking PPC experience a great and lucrative one.


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