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Sometimes we may refer to it as PPC Parking. In any event, Parking PPC is the practice of parking a domain name with a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) listings partner to show PPC advertisements for click revenue, which is shared between the domain name owner and the parking partner which provides the PPC ads.

Please note that some material on this page is replicated from our home page, but there is new material included here.

Parking a domain for PPC revenue is actually one of the very simplest methods for establishing a recurring advertising revenue stream. Why register a few extra domain names for Parking PPC revenue? Consider that most any good domain name gets traffic, and that this traffic can be monetized. All that a domain name needs to do is make 2 cents per day to pay for itself at an affordable registrar such as Domain Hostmaster. Optionally, you can save even more by becoming a registrar yourself at World Wide Web Domain Names with complete tech support taken care of for you as if they are your staff.

Once your domain is making 2 cents a day in PPC revenue, how hard is to to get 4 cents per day or more? Now, what if you have 1,000 domains making a mininum of 4 cents per day? That would mean that you would be making 1000 x .04 = 40.00 a day. Not bad considering that all you did was search for a good domain name, registered it, applied it to your partner's Parking PPC account, configured it within the PPC program to use the proper settings and then set your domain's name servers to use it. Now all you have to do is make sure it makes at least 2 cents per day. Some domainers have names that can make dollars per day, or significantly more. If a domain name doesn't perform up to expectations, simply promote it so that it does or just don't renew it when it comes time.

PPC listings are available for websites through such programs as Google AdSense, Bright Ads and Yahoo Publisher. The problem with these types of listings is that they display ads relevant to the page content, which means that they will compete with the content presented. So this doesn't seem like a good plan for a real website. While it is possible to establish a mini site specifically to show PPC ad listings, this is in direct violation of the Google AdSense Terms of Service. This is also why domain parking for PPC works so well, because domains parked for PPC show more PPC ads like a directory and do not compete with other content.

However, this isn't to say that a Parking PPC partner's listings cannot be used on a website that already exists for displaying dynamicly changing material in a constantly up-to-date sponsored PPC directory section of your website. Most parking partners allow you to do this by using a forwarding URL address which you can mask within a frame. However, framed directories do not do particularly well with PPC, though this is worth considering for some sites and often makes a good jump-start for new sites requiring content.

Usually, it is better to dedicate a domain name that will only show PPC advertisement listings. In this case, we want to have a good domain name, as all listed advertisements will be cued by the domain name that we use. Of course, we can usually over-ride the keywords within a domain name with our own desired keywords. But 'parking for PPC traffic' often works much better with domains built on generic keywords (keyword domain names). So we look for a domain name that is built using commonly searched words or phrases. You may want to target a certain product, service or industry. Afterall, it is general knowledge that some ads pay more than others.

When selecting a domain, before you actually aquire it, make sure you do your research so that you get a good domain that you can use. Information about selecting a choice domain name that will be profitable starts on our Choosing Domain Names page. It is important that you select a good domain in order for this program to work the best.

There are all kinds of different types of domain names that you can chose from to use for PPC income. You can register a new domain name, snap-up a deleting name that has traffic, or buy a promising aftermarket domain. You can use generic keywords to build a keyword domain that targets a specific industry, product, service or trend. You might be lucky enough to find a 'Type-In' domain name which people actually type directly into their browser's address bar. Or it is possible that you might find one of those unique brand name domains which command attention.

Whichever names that you wind-up with, remember that your domain is your brand whether it is a keyword rich domain name or a cleverly made-up brand name. Even if you have a domain which is built using generic search terms (keywords), essentially that is the brand with which people will find and identify with your Parking PPC listings. Don't just settle for anything. To read more about selecting domain names, visit the various pages under the Domain Game section. For some good basic advice on selecting a domain name, check out the Choosing Domain Names page.

Once you have your selected domain name(s), you simply choose a domain Parking PPC partner who will provide the ads that your name will display. Many such domain name parking PPC ad partners are listed throughout this site, and we also offer reviews of some of the top services. Each partner will have its own strengths and weaknesses. To take advantage of the strengths of certain parking services that target a particular market well, you may well sign-up to partner with more than a few such services.

Here is a list of some of the Parking PPC services we use and recommend:

See the PPC Parking Services page for more information about these companies as well as reviews on their services.

After signing-up with a domain Parking PPC listing partner there really isn't much to setup a domain for showing Parking PPC ad listings. You have to submit each domain name that you want them to use. Upon approval of your name(s), you simply set the Domain Name Servers to reflect the Name Servers required by your PPC providing partner. Remember to do this for each and every domain that your Parking PPC partner has approved to publish PPC advertising on. Your domain name will display your partner's PPC ad listings as soon as your domain's new name servers propogate throughout the Internet.

Optionally, you can do more to maximize your earning potential, which is what this site is all about. Please feel free to browse the site for information, tips, tools and resources to make your Parking PPC experience a great and lucrative one.

As each Parking PPC partner has certain strengths and weaknesses associated to their program, you may want to check for things that you can do to optimize the traffic draw for your domain. Some Parking PPC partners allow you to use reciprocal link programs (such as GoldKey), while other Parking PPC may frown on any unnatural promotion (Fabulous).


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