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Domain Name Monetization
Monetizing a domain name is the process of making money from it's traffic. Usually, this is hab=ndled with e-commerce, selling things to the visitors of the site. But usually that also requires having a product or service, carrying an inventory and such messy things. Wouln't it be great if you could just sit back in your living room watching a big screen TV paid for by simply showing advertising on your websites and domains names? Well, that is actually quite a great possibility, it can happen.

But before you start thinking that this is a get-rich scheme, think again. You will have to research your name choice. You will have to buy it and decide how to monetize it. You will have to set it up and promote it. And unless you have a real showcase name, you will have to do this again and again. Still, it's not a bad way to make a living. Once you have a nice portfolio of domains earning recurring adverising income for you, you could finally set yourself up to retire.

But make no mistake, there will be work involved. Should you chose to try Parking PPC and monetize your domains, it is very likely will pay-off for you. But it will take lots of research, some hard work setting things up and promoting your names.

Just how to monetize your names is also a consideration. You can chose to set-up a website and show PPC ad listings on it, but PPC ad listings could detract from your site's main purpose unless you design the site to incorporate PPC listings.

Or you can grab good, solid keyword based domain names and park them for PPC ad traffic, with a PPC advertising partner.


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